Accounting & Bookkeeping

Kelowna Bookkeeping services firmNo matter what type of industry you’re in, being in business is challenging. That’s why having a Kelowna bookkeeping services firm to lean on, like Kerr & Company, can mean the difference between long-term sustainability and struggling to keep the doors open.

There are numerous reasons to hire an accounting and bookkeeping services firm in Kelowna.  Small business accounting and bookkeeping are time-consuming and business owners have other priorities.  Using a Kelowna bookkeeping services firm reduces the risk of an audit but if you do get audited, it’s beneficial to have Kerr & Company‘s professional accountants deal with the government on your behalf, presenting documents in an organized manner. Lastly, hiring a Kelowna bookkeeping services firm reduces the chance for human error, missed payments and tax obligation due dates.

Kelowna Accounting Services

  • Financial statement preparation with “Notice to Reader” report
  • Financial statement analysis (i.e. how to interpret your financial statements)
  • Preparation of journal entries to record complex transactions
  • Preparation of year end adjusting journal entries
  • Public Company Reporting
  • Part-time CFO services (back-office support)

Kelowna Bookkeeping Services

  • Accounting system set-up / clean up
  • Computerized bookkeeping (quarterly and annual only)
  • Payroll and GST filings, HST and WSIB filings
  • Quickbooks and Simply Accounting training and support
  • Best practices for record keeping

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