Construction & Trades

Construction and trades businesses in Kelowna and Vancouver are unlike any other company when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping. Projects can last for a few months or several years. You may be classified as both the employer and the contractor. Without a background in accounting for construction, it can be overwhelming to learn and drastic mistakes can be made.

There is not a one size fits all business structure in the construction industry. Contractors make up the majority of the workforce and could work on several projects throughout the day. They could also hire their own subcontractors to step in and help. Payroll can change on a weekly basis with the temporary workers coming and going.

With the fluid and dynamic nature of the construction and trades industry, you need a Kelowna accountant that has experience working in the sector. At Kerr & Company CPA, we work with a variety of clients and have learned that accounting for the construction and trades industry has its unique set of risks, rewards, and challenges.

Continually balancing competitive job postings with the high cost of materials and staff,  and building exceptional projects while protecting the bottom line are just a couple of the daily struggles you face as the construction business owner.

Kerr & Company CPA will help manage all of the moving parts, keeping your business in the black and securing the financial stability of your company.

By hiring an experienced accountant, your construction company is not only better positioned to handle the ebbs and flows but will be much more prepared for tax season.

Every aspect of your financial portfolio is strengthened by working with a CPA.  This means you can focus on providing unsurpassed quality in each and every completed project.

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