Kelowna accountant video conferencing tips

In an April 29, 2020 CPA Canada article, the author provided a variety of tips for professional meetings conducted by online video conference, which has become much more common during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the tips discussed, the author recommended the following:

  • having a meeting host to own the meeting, set the agenda, and drive the meeting;
  • setting protocols such as the use of mute features (whether by participants or the host) or chat functions;
  • using the waiting room to avoid one client dropping in while another meeting is in progress;
  • framing the view to control what participants see in the background; and
  • sharing screens to more efficiently share information.


ACTION ITEM: Prior to providing video content or presenting virtually, review this article. As virtual communication will likely be a permanent fixture in the future, consideration should be given to investing in a reliable, quality web camera and microphone.